About Us

How It All Started

Zoey – 2003-2018

If I seem a little rough around the edges, it might be because I spent 18 years of my life as a Long-Haul Trucker. But these days, I travel in different circles and even own a few nice shirts, ties and business suits. Life goes on, we change, we adapt.

I got my start in web design because I had adopted a cat. I immediately began to enjoy having the company of a cat and wanted to find a way to give something back to the home-based animal rescue group that had brought “Zoey” into my seemingly pointless life, so with a laptop computer, I began to teach myself website design and HTML code as well as other tricks to help Cat Rescue, Inc. have a more attractive presence on the Internet, helping tell their story and finding more homes for adoptable cats that might otherwise have an uncertain future.

In the beginning, I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet, HTML code or website design. I had no idea about photography, graphic design or political strategy and messaging. With the exception of a few book and two classes in photography, I began self-teaching myself the skills I would need and continue to build upon to this very day.

One thing I did learn from my time in the Animal Welfare Community, pets can be “political” with different personalities and organizations all competing to advance their own agenda. I think this might have been an omen for things to come.

I eventually left the trucker’s life and needed to do something different.

Where the Road Begins

Jimmy Frost – Owner/Operator, I-264 Web Design, LLC

The day my wife and I decided to start our company, I couldn’t come up with an appropriate name to save my own life. I finally settled on I-264 Web Design because Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach was the first Interstate I ever drove on and, it was the first interstate highway I would take when I was heading out of town as well as the last interstate I would exit from when I returned home after weeks and months on the road.

Like the road our company is named for, I-264 Web Design, LLC has spanned Southside Hampton Roads, helping political campaigns with sharp, professional websites, professional photography and relentless Social Media strategies that have gotten results.

We have also provided winning campaign logos and strategies for candidates on tight budgets, we have developed graphics and provided photos for brochures and palm cards, written the copy for campaign letters and mass E-Mail marketing campaigns and offered sound advice to political hopefuls or long-time incumbents, helping guide them on the way to victory.

Our biggest victory to date was the 2016 campaign to stop the Tide Light Rail from extending into Virginia Beach. Although we can’t take credit for the logo that the campaign eventually decided upon, we did come up with the original concept the graphic artist built upon and we’re okay with that.

Despite being outspent by a ratio of 13-1, our meticulous research into the facts, asymmetrical campaign strategy and our relentless, daily assault on Social Media proved to be more effective than we might have hoped. With the help of some very dedicated grass-roots volunteers, these efforts combined to carry us to a successful result on election day. When the votes were counted, our understaffed, under-funded campaign mauled our opponents at the polls, very nearly entirely flipping the results of the 2012 campaign to start the City of Virginia Beach on the path to building the line to Town Center. We were proud to be the ones claiming a victory said by some to be “the most stunning political upset in Virginia Beach History.

Besides having years of experience with the needs of small businesses, we are also vendors for several of the most popular web applications that will help you get your message to your target audience, growing your customer base or list of supporters.

With our experience in “branding” for campaigns, photography, videography and Social Media, many of these skills are transferable to many different types of companies, businesses and civic organizations. Perhaps we can help your business or campaign, we’d love to sit down over coffee and discuss the possibilities.

I-264 Web Design, LLC can help you with just about any basic website project from copy writing, photography, video and graphics to help your company or campaign stand out. By harnessing the power of Social Media, we can help make it easier for you to take ownership and manage your own web presence, empowering you to conserve your resources for other needs.

Our company is decidedly non-partisan and can be approached or engaged by any serious candidate, organization or business. However, won’t work for groups, candidates or organizations that promote bigotry, hate, or persecution of others.