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I-264 Web Design, LLC Products and Services

Campaign Strategy

I-264 Web Design, LLC has years of winning campaign strategy experience and has worked with some of the best political operatives in Hampton Roads. We specialize in asymmetrical campaigning and Social Media guerilla marketing that makes our messaging effective, memorable and difficult to counter.

We often find ourselves providing reasonably prices campaign services to candidates or campaigns that have limited resources in the proverbial “David and Goliath” contests. But we often times find that like in the old story, the day didn’t end well for Goliath.

Websites & Social Media

I-264 Web Design, LLC got our start building campaign websites for local political campaigns and we have worked impartially for Democratic candidates, Republican candidates as well as Independent candidates. We have also provided services for grass-roots campaigns and political organizations either through a website or social media.

I-264 Web Design, LLC can also help your small business start a presence online through a website or social media platform that not only promotes your business goals, but can also help you understand how you can use the Internet without having to open your checkbook every time you want to change a name, word or add a new paragraph.

Sure, you can use a “build it yourself” web platform, but you need to ask yourself if you have the time to dedicate to what can be a steep learning curve to get the result you want or, is your time better spent running your business or campaign?

Social Media Memes

With over 40,000 people reached in just 2 days-and with the news coverage that this meme attracted, we almost broke the Internet.

A Social Media Meme is a photograph with a message-that’s it.

They are also powerful tools to help shape public opinion, spread a campaign message, call attention to a particular community issue, problem or injustice. In short, a meme can carry any message you think is important enough to share.

A Social Media meme can be the easiest way to deliver a targeted message to a select demographic or geographic area in a manner that is as powerful as it is cost effective.

It is a very effective tool to use for campaigns or business owner that need an easy, sometimes provocative or humorous way to communicate with large numbers of people scrolling through their Social Media feed any time of day.


These days, everyone has a camera-phone and can take great snapshots, but there are some events where the guests should be focusing on each other that a professional photographer is almost a “must.”

I-264 Web Design, LLC has experience photographing new additions to the family, birthday parties, special events, new products, weddings and yes, even funerals. After all, these are the times when most of the extended family is together and, how difficult is it to track down each and every photo that was taken now that everyone has a camera phone?

Unlike many professional photographers, we don’t “watermark” the photos provided to our clients, requiring you to come back again and again for reprints or digital copies. We can provide all of your event photos on a flash-drive (for an additional cost) or upload them to the Internet so you can download them at your convenience to the device you choose.

With many of our products and services such as website design or events, we can include photography at no additional cost to our client.

Media Services

Some of the most successful business owners have learned that you “make your mark in the margins.”

Some clients need a video conference for an elected official that can’t attend their group meeting. Others might need large screen televisions for a group presentation, while others might need a powerful sound system and a lectern to deliver an important speech to their supporters. But where do you go to find these services?

I-264 Web Design, LLC has years of experience with helping produce public events and has much of the equipment a group or campaign might need to make their event a success. We arrive early, we stay late and can even offer professional photography of your event for one fixed cost on one invoice.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, attract new ones and offer special deals and promotions that will attract even more business to your doors.

However, to create and send an E-Mail solicitation to your customers can be time consuming and require photos or graphics that you might not have readily available.

I-264 Web Design, LLC can help you create just the right look and feel to your E-Mail marketing plan while offering new clients special deals through Constant Contact that will help you save money as you look for new business in cyberspace. Sign up for a new Constant Contact account today!

Graphic Design

If you need a logo for your political campaign, group or special event, I-264 Web Design, LLC can help you develop your “brand,” giving you a sharp, professional look at a reasonable price. We can help develop the “concept” of a logo or graphic that you can take to a printer or another artist or, we can handle it all from idea to final printing. We can create and print banners of all kinds, signs or brochures but as we outsource this work, advance payment is required.

I-264 Web Design, LLC can also take all the required photographs, create the graphics and format a palm-card, restaurant menu or brochure that you would be proud to pass out among your supporters, dinner guests or prospective clients.

Chances are good that if you have lived in Hampton Roads for any length of time, you have probably seen some of our work on campaign signs, newspapers, a restaurant menu or two as well as on the website for several local candidates and office holders.


We can help your cause, charity or campaign accept online contributions in a safe, encrypted environment for very reasonable fees-for-service you only pay when a donation is made.

As an authorized vendor for Raise The Money, we can help get you started with a custom account that not only has many popular options such as direct-deposit and donor data-capture, but also reduce your exposure to liability in the event of a data-breech of any kind.

Raise the Money is also “mobile friendly” and integrates with Facebook, allowing your supporters more venues to offer their support on a pay-as-you-go status. We are also happy to help you set up your account and maintain it free of charge.


I-264 Web Design, LLC can help you script, stage and shoot a short video to promote your local business or political campaign. We can also compose short music pieces as background music as well as provide proper lighting and filming needs such as still photos and “stock” footage to help illustrate your message.

We can shoot and produce many kinds of videos from informative to light hearted for a reasonable cost that won’t break your bank account. If your needs are larger than we can handle, we have contacts and partnerships with several local video production companies that will provide you with high quality work you will be proud of.

Bottom Line: It’s your money, you earned it and we respect that. We will never take on a task or project that we are not 100% sure that we can complete to your satisfaction.