The Core of What We Do

When the Internet first took off, people would spend hours on a company or a campaign website and look at everything. These days, a website is either an online brochure or, it is an online shopping experience.

Rarer still are he websites that require a customer to sign in and interact with a vendor or client, although they do still exist.

I-264 Web Design, LLC specializes in websites for small business owners or, political campaigns and causes. We strive to be a “one stop shop” for our clients and provide them with the help and support they need to take ownership of their website, using it as a tool to help promote and increase their business.

Our belief is, your website should be working for you and you shouldn’t be working to keep your website online or updated. As someone who is “self-taught” in the website business, if I can pick it up and understand it, the task simply cannot be that difficult. If it is, you simply haven’t had the right person giving you the instruction you need.

The Learning Curve

If you are using a “do it yourself” website provider, chances are good that we can help you manage your project and find the look and feel that is best suited for your business. We’ve got nothing against these services and feel they offer a great value for your money, but the downside is you may spend a great deal of time learning the in’s and out’s of these services and find yourself going down an endless series of rabbit-holes.

Whatever you decide is best for your company or whatever works best for you, I-264 Web Design, LLC can help you get your online presence where it needs to be.

Examples of Our Work